Veggie burger for summer holidays

Veggie burger for summer holidays

Veggie burger for summer holidays

After spending the whole day at the beach, you might crave for something that restores your energy 🙂

Nothing better than a delicious veggie burger for your summer dinner!

The main ingredients for these little beauties are three vegetables. I used carrots which are source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Thanks to them your skin has a healthy glow and your eyes’ health improves. Carrots also help to eliminate muscle pains! Sweet potatoes are full of fiber and magnesium which help you to relax even more on summer days. The last but not the least – my beloved chickpeas! So rich in calcium and protein. They also stabilize a blood sugar levels and provide slow-burning energy.


Ingredients for burgers:

– 1 raw carrot

– 1 cooked sweet potato

– 1/2 cup of cooked chickpeas

– 1 egg

– 1/2 cup of whole grain breadcrumbs

– olive oil (to fry burgers)

– a pinch of salt and pepper


You might also like to use:

– zucchini

– bread

– lettuce

– tomato

– ketchup /mustard /mayonnaise – anything you like 🙂

1. Put the carrot, the sweet potato, chickpeas and the egg in a food processor and mix it until getting a smooth paste.

2. Take the paste out of the processor and put in a bowl. Add salt and pepper. Start stirring and adding breadcrumbs. You know it’s ready when you are able to form balls and they don’t fall apart.

3. Form the burgers and fry them with some olive oil.

Veggie burger

4. As the side dish you can prepare some grilled zucchini. Just cut the zucchini, put a bit of salt and olive oil on top and grill. It looks and tastes great 🙂

5. You can also ‘build’ a traditional burger. Use bread, lettuce, tomato etc.

Bon appetite 🙂


Written by and photo credit: Paulina Tavares

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